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Cheap Upgrade(w/ TV-OUT) for a NVIDIA GeForce 7100

I am looking for a last minute christmas present and I am trying to find a cheap (under $50) video card upgrade that has TV-OUT capabilities. The computer I believe has integrated graphics (NVIDIA GeForce 7100) at the moment. I haven't opened the case so I dont know for sure but from looking around I believe it is. The computer is an:
HP Pavillion a6500f
Pentium Dual Core E2220
4GB memory
500GB Hard Drive
NVIDIA GeForce 7100
Windows vista Home Premium 64 bit

From looking on the internet I believe the video card is integrated and the PSU is 250 watts.

Nothing has been changed on the computer so the 250 watt PSU that I read shipped with these computers is likely what is inside it.

The graphics card that is in it is probably good enough for the uses of the computer, as it is not used much for gaming/high quality movies/etc. The only reason I am looking for an upgraded card is that the person wants to be able to have the display on a TV screen therefore I need a video card that supports TV-OUT.

I do not care much about where to buy the card from, but I have dealt with newegg, and ebay is always a possibility but I haven't dealt with any suppliers of video cards so I am open to opinions.

As I said this is a last minute christmas present that I just found out the person wants so any responses are greatly appreciated.

"Edited to include Operating System info in case it was needed"
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  1. I was looking on ebay, searching for a video card that supports tv-out that had "250w" in the description and I found two possible upgrades that I would like feedback on whether they will work and which one would be the better choice.

    The first is x1300
    This is $38 and I checked on and it is ranked 475

    The other choice is hd3450 and is ranked lower at 540 but is $42 This card is 512mb vs 256mb on the other but I don't know how much difference that makes. Also this states it needs pci express 2.0 x 16. How do I know if my pci express x 16 slot is 2.0?

    What would be the better choice. I am thinking the cheaper one that is ranked higher. My integrated chip is ranked about 750 so either should be an upgrade and both say they work with 250w power supply. I just wanted any feedback you can give me.
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    You can use this software to check what version is your pcie slot:

    But, all 2.0 cards are backward compatible with 1.0 or 1.1 pcie slot, so you shouldn't worry about that. As for the card, HD3450 is newer than X1300, so between those card I would choose HD3450.

    No gaming at all, right? Only as HTPC card? Then go with HD3450.
  3. I only know a little about different types of graphics cards, but I figured the hd3450 was a newer card than the other one. That is why I was surprised when I checked the rankings on the website that I linked to in my previous post. I didn't loook much into what the rankings are based on, but why would a newer card be better than the older card that is ranked better. Is it because it is a 512MB versus a 256MB? Sorry if the answer to that is obvious, but I dont know much about graphics cards and was just wondering. That is why I sought out a forum for help.

    Based on the specs I posted:
    Dual core e2220
    4gb memory
    500gb hard drive
    windows vista 64 bit
    250 watt power supply
    1 free pci express x 16 slot (unsure of version)

    This hd3450 card will work with this computer, Right?

    The only gaming that may be done is very low quality (in comparison to most games). Mainly web games and games that use similar graphics. This card is only being upgraded for the added feature of being able to hook it up to a tv screen. Both cards are listed by the same seller on ebay as open box... so both are listed as expected delivery by the 22nd, so I can still buy either card. Any further clarification on why the newer card will be better and confirmation that the newer card will work are greatly appreciated.
  4. Yes, either cards will work on your computer just fine.
    See this chart:,794.html
    You can see that HD3450 is faster than X1300.
    Anyway, as you said before this card isn't going to hard work (only light gaming), so either card is fine. But HD4350 is newer than X1300, so I suggest you to take that card. :)
  5. I am going to go ahead and get the hd 3450 simply because the price difference is not great enough to be a factor, they both come from the ebay seller with a very high positive feedback and you recommend that it is the better choice. I dont quite understand the different types of charts, but in the one you linked me to I seen hd3450 w/256mb was higher than x1300 w/256mb. Since they are close together on both charts I looked at I am going to go by your recommendation.

    I have one more question though. My question/concern is that I didn't see hd3450 w/512mb on the list and was wondering why. I would imagine it is even better than a hd3450 w/ 256mb, Right?

    Thank you for all your help in choosing between the two cards that I found that will work with the setup I am trying for. There isn't any other card that you would recommend more for about the same price, Is there? I am assuming that since these are open boxes I probably wont find a comparable card in the price range unless it is another open box somewhere and there likely wouldnt be any card you would recommend more for this price, but I figured it would not hurt to ask.
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