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Now I managed to buy a nice system that runs everything I want so far on very high or max settings for about 370 last Feb. Only problem is this, the processor I got was the Phenom II X6 1055t. It works great, never slow, doesn't run all that hot. The problem with it is the stock heatsink it came with is LOUD. And I'm talking hear it outside my room with the doors closed loud. It's to the point where I have to always play games with headphones on or I'll miss out on sounds/people talking etc. I've read once that this was normal, but it seems extreme to me. Any ideas on whether or not this is regular, and if so, suggestions for an aftermarket heatsink that doesn't deafen me (Without breaking the budget ie preferably not greater than say 60-65 range, if possible, I wouldn't mind hearing some that are outside that range). Thanks
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  1. ask AMD for a replacement? Mine is extremely quiet.
  2. amd stock coolers to me are quiet..
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