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allright i bought this computer last week with the intent to sell it for profit, i bought a gts 450 for it and has been fine. i decided to buy a new case and i got a ocz stealthxstream 600w with a great combo deal with a nxzt m59 case. installed everything, ive done several builds and it was going fine, go to power, i get nothing. i noticed that the SB PWR led on the mobo was blinking at a steady constant rate every few seconds. i know i got the front panel connectors right. here is the weirder thing tho, i took the old OEM PSU 450w and just hooked up mobo 4 pin and 20 pin connectors to try to get power, it still doesnt boot but the SB PWR light is constantly on and no blinking. i didnt have any issues while building, took all standard precautions, standoffs are good. the thing that gets me is that the system still wont boot with old PSU that i know works because i turned the comp off right before i started the build so it certainly worked then. i sadly dont have another desktop to test either psu in yet, i will get another next week sometime actually though, another computer that i bought to fix up and sell. i may wait to get that comp and test the psu, if not then ill RMA the psu and get a replacement and give that a shot, if not, then its a new mobo if i cant figure anything out soon. anyone got any ideas? ive done my share of googling and its pointing towards new psu or mobo
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  1. Follow the guide and the bread boarding thread that is linked in there
  2. I am helping build this computer and we performed all the steps listed and get no difference. I am 100% sure nothing went wrong with the build. The problem is not getting it to boot It won't even turn on It is unresponsive to the pressing of the power button. We've tried 2 different switches for the power button 1 of which I know is working.
  3. Well having tried two PSU´s points to motherboard failure which breadboarding would confirm!
  4. yeah we tried doing everything in that guide, im gonna perform some tests soon to see whether its mobo, psu, or power button tomorrow, can narrow it down, it may be psu and mobo
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