Minimalist mid-tower case

Just about to spec out a new z68/2500k system and I'm looking for a good mid-tower case that meets these criteria:
- Good overall ergonomics
- Minimalist design (like Antec's Sonata line, Fractal Design or Lian-Li
- Two SSDs + 1 HDD
- Front USB 3.0
- Accommodates a Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 1 GB (10.5" = 267 mm)
- Not crazy expensive

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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  1. bullwinkel said:

    Only "budget" mid towers I know of that meet your criteria.

    Thanks Bullwinkel.
    It doesn't necessarily have to be "budget," just not extravagant.

  2. I wasn't sure quite how much "crazy" expensive was so I kept it under $100.
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