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I am planning to install a fan on to the case. However, most fans now a days use the small 4 pin or 3 pin adapter that connects to the motherboard. Since my motherboard has no extra 4 pins or 3 pins,
Are there fans that only require the PSU connection?

this one i found on newegg has both motherboard and psu connector

would this work if i only connect the power with the psu, but not the motherboard?

Question 2,

I am going to be receiving this heatsink :

and in its specs, it says it is available to Option for adding 2nd fan to increase cooling power.

So where would i find a fan like that for it to be add on to the heatsink cpu fan?

THANK YOU for reading my question
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  1. 1) Yes it will work
    2) It is just an case fan that gets added but not sure about the retainer. That is only a mediocre cooler and I suggest this one instead
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