Eyefinity worth the money?

Is eyefinity worth the price for a PC that used for more than just gaming?
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  1. sure, if you have a reason to have different things across 3 displays. Eyefinity is there for those that can afford 3 monitors and a powerful graphics card.
  2. Imo its worth every cent if ur playing racing games, simulators, RPG games or something like that. if ur playing alot of FPS, Njeeh, not so much worth it.
  3. "Is it worth it" is always a very subjective question. As crowe put it, I've found it best for racing/flight sims. Then again, it's just the 3 monitors that cost, it's keeping enough power to play the newest games at an insane resolution (5760*1200 requires a LOT of horsepower).

    I would suggest watching a lot of videos online and seeing your impression on the way it looks for you. Personally, I think the bezels are really the biggest weak side to multi-monitor gaming.
  4. Hey, i just started playing mount and blade warband with eyefinity, and it is just so awesome to see those wide views of a cavalry line charging the enemy. So, totally worth it.

    Also, although 3x 5:4 monitors has it's issues (with widescreen cutscenes being rendered poorly), I still think it's the best bang for buck (moneywise) that you can find. an entire 3 screen setup for 300 bucks (avg 100 bucks per monitor).
  5. I toyed with the idea of getting another two monitors for some time. I definitely have the GPU power for it. It was going to cost me about $550 for two more Samsung 2494SW monitors and the displayport adapter. Finally decided against it because I don't actually game all that much these days, and I have other expenses anyway. I'm quite happy with my single 1080p 24", but at the same time, if I had the cash I'd go for it (although to be honest, I'd kind of rather get 3 thin bezel square monitors for the extra vertical)
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