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Hello everyone!

This is probably a dumb question, but I'll ask it anyway.

I currently have a 10/100 router and a connected 10/100 switch, both from linksys. Some of the pc's obviously are connected on the switch, while others are attached directly to the router.

If I upgrade the switch to a gigabit ethernet model and assuming that the pc's attached to the switch have gigabit ethernet either on their motherboards or pci cards would they communicate with each other at gigabit ethernet speed or would they all still be limited by the fact that the router is 10/100?

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  1. anonymous1 said:
    You may need new cables to go with that new switch to achive gigabit speeds.... I must ask do you normaly exchange large files between your computers? I cant see it being worth it.

    Ocassionally I do, yes. I'm not going to run out to buy it today, but if I see a good deal at some point then I'd like to eventually upgrade all pc's on the network to gigagbit ethernet and dual-band wireless n with "g" capability for my family's ipods and laptops, netbooks and such. It's really amazing all the devices that get connected to my network. Friends stop by and connect for awhile as do business people I deal with from time to time.

    I wonder if the blu-ray player would affect it at all...

    As for the cabling, I know much of it is already CAT 6 as I anticipated in the past the eventual need for gigabit speed.
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