Asus Xonar HDAV1.3 Deluxe vs DX - is it worth it ?

The title says it - is it worth to save money (in my country - 3 times the price of the DX) to get the Deluxe or should i get a DX ? I do gaming and i am an audiophile :kaola:
Right now im using my old micro system [ ] but i might add another two speakers plus a powerful subwoofer or get a Logitech z-5500. :)
Edit : i wanna know if the audio quality will be better enough so it would be worth the extra cash. What can the Deluxe offer, when the DX cant ?
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  1. The sound system you have won't let you appreciate the performance of the XONAR cards.

    You won't be able to differentiate between Creative XFI and Xonar cards with the sound system you have.

    To give you an idea my receiver alone is in the order of ~$5K. It has THD rating of .005%. I have a calibrated room w/ 7.1 speakers that performs to the specifications of my receiver($>3K just for speakers). This systems allows me to differentiate different audio cards and its performance. I have audio spectrum analyzers to measure audio performance and noise levels.

    If you want XONAR cards because you want it then go ahead. Your audio system is not capable to differentiate high end and low end cards.

    The on board sound card will be more than sufficient for your audio system.

    Its your choice
  2. In my other house i have 4 old speakers, thay really shake the house and they have a frequency response that reaches 50 Khz, might use them. They are using some Kenwood amplifiers.

    Whatever, i guess the difference between the DX and HDAV isnt that big and notisable so ill go with a DX.
  3. HI,

    I have Asus Xonar HDAV 1.3 Deluxe, It does have a few issues but these may be on a DX as well, or even just on my card im not sure.

    1. in windows 7 only, eax (GX) produces low crackling. not sooo annoying but not the greatest.
    2. only when i first tested the card without the expansion board connected could i get the HD video processing to work. I have tried many times after & not been able to.

    what i run off it;
    5.1 analog Channel headset zalman


    5.1 Analog receiver Denon
    Wharfedale Zaldek S2000 Floor speakers
    Wharfedale custom made rear and center speakers
    Soundstream 700W 12" subwoofer and rockford fosgate amp with 2.0 farad capacitor running off a psu

    With the 5.1 headset games sound amazing, directional sound is superb, you can distinguish between different floor levels a hell of a lot easier than previous cards, even the slightest sound can be heard when it is quiet.

    With stereo, Music and movies are insane. The clarity of FLAC files is beautiful, vibratos ring crisp and clear and you can hear every note. Subwoofer frequency is a lot more differentiated than that of previous cards where the sub would blur in with vocals etc. Now the sub runs clean and crisp, It does not sound off with the music as well (cant quite describe it)
    Also I play a lot of dubstep, low frequency bass 25hz - 30hz rocks. My previous sound card (Audigy 2) sounded terrible, even disturbing trying to produce these, the hdav is mint.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Thanks soulreaper. :)
  5. The HDAV is a good card, but for multichannel analog, its hard to justify over a cheaper card like the DX.
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