Help me choose between these two monitors pleasee!

Hi al i was wondering wich one of this two monitors will be better for gaming...and wich one has better sound??

Asus 27"

Viewsonic 27"

So..look at them and please tell me wich one will be better for gaming and wich one has better sound, because i will use the monitors spekers.....

ANOTHER IMPORTANT QUESTION!!! wich one is better packed??? yes better packed :) because it is going to be shipped to Venezuela so... wich one do you think has better chance of coming here alive??

BTW I KNOW this does not go here but i didnt know were to post this...
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  1. I choose ViewSonic, they have many good reviews, also it has 1ms response time.
    But, since i didn't have either one of those monitors then i can't be sure. You can read those reviews and decide it yourself later... :)
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