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Looking for best mid tower case with excellent cable management

First of all let me say whatever you do do not purchase the AZZA Spartan 102E,i got it for my first mid tower build and has turned out horrible. As for ASRock do not buy there motherboards,i have had two and the memory slots keep on going out on me(went from 12gb to 8gb). Unless there is something that you can think about that can fix it that i do not know. Cable management on the AZZA Spartan 102E is horrible. I would appriciate it if someone could point me to a better cable management mid tower case that has a 3.5 external bay ( thank you for your response. This ( the motherboard that i plan to replace the ASRock X58 Extreme6 with.
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  1. Depends on your budget.. The Corsair 650D has the best cable management features (for a mid tower) followed by the Coolermaster Storm Sniper and the Silverstone Raven RV02.. But they all come pricey.. At more affordable prices you get the Lancool PC K62..
  2. +one on the Corsair 650D, best by far in build quality, features, and especially cable management.....
  3. Corsair 650D if you can afford it (at $200 !!). Otherwise, Lian Li and Coolermaster (the latter seem to clunky for me though)
  4. Yep I forgot about Corsair 650D,that's one of the best(if not the best) mid-tower cases;however,if you can't afford it,then like I previously mentioned,HAF 912 is fine
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    Well... I support the Corsair 650D but is pricey. Also, the Silverstone Raven 3 looks really promising. To give you an idea on the 650D, here is what mine looks like:

    If you can't swing the price, I would recommend the Cooler Master 922. It is one of the best mid-size case for the money you can buy... IMO
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