New build: fans start to spin, lights flash then nothing

Just built a new system. When I hit the 'start' button it seems like it wants to start and the shuts off, then it tries to start again then off, on then off.

Any ideas where to troubleshoot?

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    Hello engwar;

    Run through the "System won't boot" checklist
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  3. That's a great checklist. I'm going through it now.

    One question about my power connector.

    My port on the motherboard looks like this that accepts 8.

    but the closest thing to a cable/plug from my power supply looks like this with 6 plugs and two extra on the same cable.

    I assume I should use one of the 6's and the 2 to fill up the 8 spots?

    This is what I had already been doing. However one thing I hadn't done before was to use the standoffs under the motherboard.

    I'm using those now. I'll keep going and post more questions/photos/results as I make progress. Hope not using the standoffs didn't ruin my motherboard.

    Suggestions, feedback or insults always accepted!
  4. I think those are video card PCI-e 6pin and 6+2 pin power leads.

    Your PSU should have an 8pin EPS12 or 4pin ATX aux power lead. What PSU are you working with?

    If you don't have the MB standoff's in the MB could short out by touching the metal case.
  5. I can get to the bios screen. I think I"m set. Looks like it was the standoffs.

    Thanks for all the help. Tom's Hardware forums FTW!
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