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So I have a PC with only one PCI-E slot 3.20 I5 processer, 8gb DDR3 ram and a HD5770 card, and about 450W PSU, I recently came into 400$ and I recently dawned on me I could upgrade my graphics card, while it has been sufficing for all games Ive played certain ones which will be released such as Mass Effect 3 and hopefully in the near feature TES 5 Upgrading might not be a bad idea, While I don't want to upgrade my motherboard due to the whole hassle, cost, and and not being able to afford another card for a while anyway I could easily buy a new card, Are there any single slot cards in the 200-300$ range that would be worth upgrading to from a HD5770? I kinda want physx I am open to either brand, Would possibly the GTX 470 superclocked be a decent idea? How much better then a HD5770 is it? Also I know I will need to upgrade my PSU so thats why I would rather not spend my full 300$

I have a 1440x900 monitor but I may go bigger later if I do upgrade my card.
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  1. I would say go for a 470 stock and then OC it, spend the rest on a good PSU.
  2. I agree with ct1615, Ive also got a 5770 but with a 1080p monitor and there's only a handful of games that i cant max out usually turn off AA is as bad as it gets.
  3. Just out of curiosity how much better is a GTX 470 then an HD5770? And I have noticed game tech is slowing down a lot crysis a 3 year old game is still arguably the best looking game out. Is this just because the current consoles are maxed out or has tech finally stopped getting outdated quite so fast?
  4. Buying a new PSU is just as much of a hasle as buying a new mobo.So if you want to stay with your current PSU i would reccomend a 6870/6850 depending on what your current PSU is,after that if you want to you could upgrade to a 1080p monitor with the spare cash.
    What is the make and model of your PSU?
  5. If you did want to get the 6870 and go thru with getting a new PSU their are some bundle deals here...But their is a 5870 on sale that is hard not to buy.

    Bundle List (PSU's&GPU's)


    And a 1080p monitor
  6. ct1615 said:
    upgrade your video card after you upgrade your monitor (that way you will know what card you need)

    as is your ATI 5770 is more then enough for 1440x900 and will play ME3 just fine and any other game at theta resolution.

    you may want to purchase a quality 500w PSU if the one you own is not up to par, if its a quality unit then it will be fine.

    Very good advice.
  7. Quote:
    you have to go nVidia for PhysX..

    I'll link you with some "work-arounds" tomorrow.
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