Does Intel Gulftown Kill the Giant Cybernetic Mind Control Brain?

Does Intel Six Core Gulftown Kill those Mind Control Device's that Are Anti-Trust Shark Equipment? Does AMD orochi's level 2 Cache Module keep the public buying level 2 cache AMD Athlons Rather than cheap Intel I-Core 3 with Level 3 cache? Does it Affect your Average Joe From GeekSquad to buy Athlon Turion's Over Intel Core 2 Duo's? Haven't Seen any AMD Fusion Rep's when Selling Dell-Alienware Intel laptops, is the AMD Automated Brain Server down again? AMD even let you know they are able to break down the Average brain & assimilate it? Anythought from that Area-51 reopened proffessor dude!
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  1. Does this mean we need More RaidMAx PC's with SSD's In Raid at Network Area-51 STORAGE with Comptia's new Storage certification, is Jon Venator making the comeback? Still waiting For that Venator Signed Certification upgrade option! Its kinda of a hint that Lockheed & Marty is getting hacked into and the Lobster Tail team is starting too like the Old Whig team again! Might be time for a 20 year Rip Van Winkle :(
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