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I have two ISP's one Qwest and one Mediacom, i also ave 2 on board nic's. what i wish to do is direct network traffic from specific programs to the nic that i wish. IE i play wow so i would like one connection to be for just gaming and one browser and have the second one set to another different browser and my p2p traffic.

As far as i know from a program perspective i can't, for example set something in wow to make it use the connection i want. I assume it just defaults to the one windows is picking.

The only thing i have found is something about needed to use Network Load Balancing but as far as i can tell that is primarily for corporations and it is expensive.

Thanks for any help, also i am using windows vista.
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  1. You might be able to do this with the "-ip <what every your nic card you want ip address ere>" on the shortcut to the program you want.
    "C:\<path>programyouwant.exe" -ip

    This will force it to use that IP address, useing what every card the address is assigned to. I used this when hosting game servers over Hamachi it worked, so hopfuly it will work for you.
    Also if you navigate to your network connections and up at the top under Advanced (if you have Vista or 7 push alt to display the top menu) then Advanced setting you can change what card gets tried first order. Put like your normal every day card top then put the one wow will use next, so no other programs will use it, except the one you tell it to.
  2. you can't just add a command line parameter to any program you feel. ma'b you mean the start command or something that calls the program can force said program to use a certain IP?

    fyi, command line params are handled by the program and "-ip" isn't from any standard I've ever read.
  3. Good point I have only used that command for the half life2 dedicated server. So never mind then.
    Other Games might have commands similar to this -ip one, I would still look around and see.
    Sorry about the faulty info
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