Connect 3 display to XFX Radeon HD 4670

I just bought xfx radeon hd 4670 which has two DVI port.
I connected two monitor and it display find.
But now I need connect to two monitors and one TV.
So I bough DVI-Y-Splitter cable and connect Splitter to one DVI-port and connect one monitor and one TV to splitter. But it doesn't work.
I have told if I need use Splitter the video card port must be Dual Link Port and I though HD4670 port is Dual Link Port.

Any expert out there has any idea that I can connect 2 monitor and 1 TV without buy eyefinity?

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  1. Try the other DVI port? Perhaps your card has only one dual link DVI and your using the other one.

    Or perhaps its your TV? Get it working on one of the DVI ports by itself. Then run both monitors off the splitter. You do know that those on the splitter will show the same thing right?
  2. The spec said the primary port is Dual Link and secondary is not. I tried other DVI port and it's not working. Do I need do any setup from driver?
    Help please????
  3. Quote:
    Or perhaps its your TV? Get it working on one of the DVI ports by itself. Then run both monitors off the splitter. You do know that those on the splitter will show the same thing right?
  4. Yes, I know those on the splitter will show the same thing. Trying to display powerpoint presentation on two display (one monitor, one TV).

    I tried with replacing TV with another monitor but still not working. So it's not a TV issue.
    Without splitter everything is find but once I add splitter nothing is working from splitter. I tried with another splitter and same.
    I am almost thinking I need do some setup in driver but not sure what and how.
  5. Lets try this again. Does the TV work off the DVI? I mean no splitter just card, cable, TV?

    I don't think it's a driver issue. Are you using single or dual link cables?
  6. First, thank you very much for your time and help.

    The TV is work off directly from DVI port (with out splitter).
    I called vendor which I bought splitter and they said it's Dual Link cable.

    Again, I tried with two monitor instead of TV but it still not work.
  7. And the cables your using? I still don't see where you list that your using DL cables.
  8. What is DL cables?

    Ok let me lay down:
    The video card has two DVI port (say port-1 and port2).

    case1: Working no problem
    port-1 to monitor-1 or TV
    port-2 to monitor-2 or TV

    case2: not working
    port-1 to monitor-1
    port-2 split using DVI-Y splitter
    port-2.1 to monitor-2
    port-2.2 to monitor-3

    case3: not working
    port-1 split using DVI-Y splitter
    port1.1 to monitor-1
    port1.2 to monitor-2
    port-2 to montor-3

    I hope this is clear.
  9. It is, but I get the feeling you need Dual Link cables once you use the splitter. If your using single link cables it seems to no be working? I hope this is the case because if its not I'm out of ideas. Make sure you're using a DL cable between the DL DVI port of the card and the splitter. You might need DL cables after that as well, but SL cables should in theory work.

    Google dual link cables if you don't know the difference. A DL cable will have all the pins there, while a SL cable will be missing a bunch in the middle.
  10. All the cables I have is DL cables. I paid extra money for that. So I do not think cable issue. :sweat:
  11. Drats. As I said if its not that I don't know what it would be. It shouldn't be a driver issue as its outputting, but getting lost somewhere in the splitter.

    What happens when you try? What happens when you plug in one monitor to the single link DVI, and only one monitor attached to the splitter attached to the DL DVI? Wondering if its an out of scan issue or splitter doesn't support X resolution.
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