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Weird temps

My power supply is reading up to 240 degrees feiranheit and wandering if that was normal or if i should be worried. bottom mount in AZZA Sparan 102E case.
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  1. you could clean your psu with a can of air and see how it goes?Does in the ventilation would of course hinder air flow.
    If rely on speedfan for your temperatures then temps would be wrong.
  2. using cpuid hardware monitor. Antec HCP 1200 watt psu. you can find it on newegg that is where i got it from.
  3. no, i think software cant read psu temps.They dont have sensors in the psu.
  4. the psu is not actually wired connected to send information to the psu.So dont trust the readings.
  5. Then what is the aux temp reading for?
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