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I have had this ongoing problem for a while now and it is starting to crash more frequently. When I boot my system (Vista 64) the screen will flicker through the whole boot and sometimes after it goes to the windows loading screen, it will turn black, reboot itself, and then load. Also when I play certain games like Heroes of Newerth or Amnesia the screen will flicker occasionally when its first opened and when I play HON the game will sometimes crash. I use an LCD tv as my monitor but I have tried with my PS3 and it doesn't have any issue, I tried switching from DVI to HDMI to HDMI to HDMI from the graphics card. I even bought a bigger power supply for my new ATI 5850. I am not sure what is wrong with my computer, but it is really bugging me. Any suggestions? Does anyone know if my MOBO is not compatible with ATI cards?
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  1. What are you full system specs ?
    Also do you have the latest VGA drivers installed ?
  2. ^+1
    We need more info here...
  3. Is this a 120hz monitor?

    Do you have the latest graphics drivers from
  4. Sorry, I didn't realize it didn't post my info.

    cpu: q9300 quad core 2.5 ghz
    MoBo: EVGA nForce 750i
    Case: CM Stacker 830
    Mem: 8gb (4x2gb) g.skill pc2 8500
    gfx: XFX 5850
    sound: SB Xi-Fi Xtreme

    850-watt power supply.

    the monitor is 120hz and I have the latest drivers from ATI.
  5. Also now when I turn my computer on sometimes, nothing will load. I won't get a beep or anything. I have to reboot it a couple times for it to work, and sometimes it will make the beep sound but nothing happens.
  6. Try using only 2 sticks of RAM (use the same color of slots), see if that's make any difference...
  7. Sounds like a power problem to me. What kind of psu is that?
  8. to wa1: I tried that and still no luck

    to GeekApproved: its a thermaltake 850 watt. I replaced my BFG with that
  9. Do you have spare monitor?
    Just to make sure whether your current monitor is fine or not...
  10. That was going to be my next test, will try tomorrow and let you know! After that I am going to try and get a hold of a spare video card
  11. So I am currently on a different monitor and booted flawlessly the first time, my games didn't get an odd flicker early on. I am thinking its either a power issue (to my room in general) or my HDTV :(, and if it is the latter, that will be greatly disappointing. Any other ideas perhaps?

    I set my computer up in a different room as well.
  12. So even on a different monitor the flickering still happened, I tried to completely reinstall the video drivers and still flickering. I am getting a replacement video card tomorrow to see if that is the problem and if it is, good bye 5850 :(
  13. Yeah, it could be bad/faulty card, i hope the RMA card is fine...
  14. So I put in a 7900 GS, the system booted flawlessly and faster at that, gonna leave the card in for a couple days to see if it continues, any suggestions on a new card? I think I might stick with Nvidia, but I really liked the 5850, I dunno why it didn't want to work
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