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I am trying to find an upgrade to my video card for my HP s5112 slimline computer, but am finding the low profile restriction to be incredibly limiting in choices.

Typically, this card will be used to play World of Warcraft, though I do play a few other games as well.

Upgrading the power supply is an option, but I don't want to have to spend more than maybe $200 between the two.
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  1. What resolution are you playing at?
    And what is your current PSU?
    Please list your full system specs,i cannot find the specifics of your HP s5112.

    Low-Profile Radeon 5770

    Low-Profile Radeon 5770

    Those are just the best Graphics Card you can get for a single-slot just to give you an idea.But what we really need to know is your current PSU,if you don't want to get a new PSU then their are some lower value GPU's that will not require you to upgrade your current PSU.
    What type of graphics were you expecting to get from this upgrade?
  2. I can't find anything about your slimline PC...
    Well, I assume your PSU is only250W then the best low profile card you can get is HD5570:
  3. You could get a 5770 and upgrade to a good PSU for less than $200.
    But you could also stick with your current PSU and go with the 5570/5670,is the second best option.
    What settings were you planning on playing at in WoW?
    Depending on your resoultion the 5670/5770 would give you Ultra and the 5570 would give you medium-high.
  4. thats not a low profile 5770. thats a single slot 5770. the best low profile cards around are the HD5750 and gts450, but they are costly. i would say the 5570 if you have a 250w power supply. maybe a HD5670.

    sapphire HD5570 1gb ddr3 $69.99-

    MSI Radeon HD 5670 512MB 128-bit GDDR5 $79.99-

    PowerColor Radeon HD 5750 1GB GDDR5 $149.99-

    Palit GeForce GTS 450 (Fermi) 1GB GDDR5 $129.99-
  5. My mistake,forgot the difference.
    I would say go with the 5670 1G version if you can find 1 and i'm sure more broswing will reveale a lower priced 5750.
    It all depends on what monitor resolution he is using tho...might be 1280x720 or lower and in that case a simple 5570 would do,but we just don't know yet.
  6. Sorry, though I'd provided a link to the computer. My mistake!

    Full specs of the system. Was a gift or I'd have gotten something better, lol. Thanks for the suggestions so far!

    As for how I play WoW, I run it in 1920 x 1080 wide since that's my monitor's res. PSU is unfortunately 220w. I imagine a 300w would be way better?
  7. "Better", yes. "Way better", not really.

    I'd probably agree with wa1's suggestion of the HD 5570 card.

    -Wolf sends
  8. With a 1920x1080 your gonna need a bigger card to get playable good graphics.

    I would go with a 5750.
  9. Thanks! I'll check the 5570 and 5750s out. Do either of those need a larger PSU?
  10. You should get a new PSU.

    The power consumption of the 5570 is very low but i wouldn't chance it.If the PSU can't deliever as much power is needed stuff will start to break.

    How much is your spending limit?
  11. $200 would be reasonable. I might could go higher but it's unlikely.
  12. Well here is a GTS 450 and PSU for under $200 if you can't risk spending the money

    Here is a great buy which i reccomened you get..$250=$240 after MIR

    Although the 460gtx combo deal is a bit out of your budget it is defiently the best bang for your buck.The 460 is equal to a 5770 but is a little faster,this version (MSI CYclone)will blow any 5770 away.

    Really should go with something more powerful than a 5570.At 1920x1080 resoultion you won't be playing WoW with high graphics.With the 460 you will be at Ultra settings or High.
  13. Playing on high/ultra isn't super important... mostly hoping to get outta playing at 7 FPS. Good graphics are a nice bonus though, and I'll see if I can take your recommendation. The 460 is low profile right? Was looking through the specs and it did not say anything about it.
  14. Do you think it would be possible just to buy a new case so future upgrades could be easier,and so that a bigger card will fit,or is playing WoW the only game you play?
  15. None of those card i posted are low-profile,i forgot again that you need a low-profile card.If you can spare the extra cash a new case would benefit you greatly,but if not here is a deal on a 430watt psu and a 5570.

    I currently own a 5570 and i can play most DX9 games maxed out on my resoultion 1600x900.Don't expect good graphics with it but i'm sure you could play WoW on high settings.
  16. I play a couple other games like L4D2... prolly would play more if I wasn't so worried about my card. As for buying a new case, it's not likely to happen - mostly just looking for something to carry me now until I can get around to building or buying a newer computer.

    The 5570 looks like it'd be great for just that. Thanks again. =) Been looking for a new card for a long time now but low profile is just a nasty restriction. =/
  17. 5670 ftw. will run on reasonable quality 250w psu. it is a much better choice for gaming than a 5570. review of card here,2552-9.html
    radeon 5670 draws very little power,2552-12.html
  18. Just two more cents here. Given the size of your current system, I'm doubting that it will accept a standard ATX power supply. While the HD5670 will run on a reasonable, quality 250 watt power supply, you have a questionable, quality 220 watt power supply. I'd rather you didn't take the risk.

    Again, just my two cents.

    -Wolf sends
  19. ^agree

    A PSU is THE MOST important part of a computer.
    The 5670 is a reasonable card with a powerful punch for it's class.
  20. Best answer
    if you want a bigger power supply for your system, heres a seasonic 300w 80+ bronze TFX power supply that will fit into low profile computers. should be good enough for a HD5670 and maybe even a HD5750/GTS450.
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