Rebuilding a laptop battery

Hey guys, here's my predicament.

I hope I posted this in the right area.

Anyway, basically about half a year ago I bought a china brand netbook. Aside from the fake motherboard and terrible wifi card, it performed rather well. Anyway, the battery that came with it was a 7.4V 2900mAh battery.

The problem was, I've only used this laptop maybe less than 20 times and in that time range, the battery went from terrible to even more terrible. At a full charge, the laptop battery lasts a good thirty or so minutes.

Now, I thought this would be rather easy, you know. Pry apart the battery, unsolder the old cells, solder in new cells, boom. Done.

But after opening up the laptop battery, I realized that it was composed of two 3.7v 2900mAh Lithium polymer batteries. Still, not a problem. I made a diagram of how everything was soldered together, I just need to find replacements. The problem was, after a good two days of researching, I could not find any lithium polymer batteries that had the same voltage and milli amps which fit into the dimensions.

Each cell had the dimensions of: 100mmx30mmx10mm [length by width by thickness]

And there were two of them, side by side in the battery.

Through my extensive research I could not find any battery that could potentially replace these because they either had too low of mAh or they were too large in dimensions. :pfff:

So in my desperation, I decided to consult you guys.

The laptop battery was manufactured by a company by the name of YOKU. After doing a search, it seems they are a chinese company that makes lithium ion batteries, but I don't believe they sell individual laptop batteries.

So my only option is to DIY.

I attached some pictures so you guys can get a look at this issue.

Anyhow, thanks for your time and I look forward to your input!

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  1. These guys have said in the past that they can get almost anything, give them a call.

    Your photos could be better :)
  2. Noworldorder said:
    These guys have said in the past that they can get almost anything, give them a call.

    Your photos could be better :)

    Thanks, I gave a bit of research and it yielded a good number of customers complaining of poor turnovers and such.

    Yeah, they could take some improving, but I only had my phone on me at the time so I had to make do. I'll try to take some higher quality pictures next time :)
  3. lif I'm not mistaken, tbat looks identical to the one i had in my toshiba satellite I bought around 2012. It could have been my sony vaio but i think it waas the toshiba that it came out of. Check out different batteries on the laptops next time you go to an electronics/computer store. I wouldnt be surprised if you found one that would work. good luck.
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