High temps on i7 2600

My 2600 has been acting up lately... it hit a high of 94C (HOLY COW)... its sitting in a NZXT Phantom case and the stock cooler... If anyone could give a suggestion on what to do i'd be thankful.

P.S I re-applied my thermal paste using the line method and its idling at 50C, the thermal paste is arctic cooling MX-4...
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  1. you should reseat the stock cooler.The hsf has not touch the cpu.
  2. okay, i'll try...
  3. Okay... reseated stock cooler and checked the thermal paste now its idling 30-40C, by the way when I hit 94C it was when I was rendering HD video.
  4. But it doesnt render video at that high temps.What software temp monitor are you using?
    Try to rerender the video to see if there is a difference in temps..
  5. I was using Speedfan 4.43 and Core Temp 0.99.8 the temps increase to 65ish when I try to re-render and I guess I can deal with those temps.
  6. core temps are much more better temp monitor compared to speedfan.
    So does coretemp read 65c when you render?
  7. It reads 70-75 while im rendering on core temp
  8. I guess it should be ok.Some people complained IBT with a i7 2600k and got up to 80c.
    Idle temps also should be around 30~40 depending on room temperature.
    So yeah your temps should be good.
  9. Noice, thanks for all the help.
  10. RCXDerp said:
    Noice, thanks for all the help.

    I do recommend for a new cooler.
    Coolermaster hyper 212+
  11. I'm getting one of those next week, I'm just waiting for my motherboard to get here...
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    alright.Enjoy your new cpu.
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