No video on my new build

I just got finished putting together my new build and I've run into a problem. My system will turn on and all fans and lights run correctly. However, I get no picture on the monitor, only "No sync" and a standby light. Also when I first power up the rig I noticed the keyboard's "Num Lock, Scroll Lock, and Caps Lock" lights will turn on like they should, but afterwards they turn off and wont turn back on.

I can also hear the HDD spin up like normal. I've run through all the troubleshooting tips in the sticky but have had no success.

P.S I don't if this is important but I'm using all the old parts from my last computer, I'm just replacing my old motherboard that went bad.
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  1. All known good parts (presumably) + new mobo, maybe the new motherboard is bad. Are the symptoms the same as with the old board?
  2. No, with the old board the system would instantly shut off. Now fans spin like normal and everything lights up until I turn it off.
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