Graphic Card Upgrade for a Friend

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  1. Helltech said:

    6870 hands down. xfx has one on newegg that is well priced at 240 w free shipping and a mir.

    if you don't like that I would go for a gtx 470

    whoops of course if the budget needed to include a psu upgrade as well.

    In that case I would go for a 6850 and a decent psu from a good psu manufacturer, ie corsair, antec, seasonic, etc.
  2. The combination of 5850/Corsair TX650 is good.6850 is also good but it's slower than 5850
  3. get nvidia gtx 460,best of them,a gtx 465 would be more better
  4. I think what you have picked out is perfect. With the rebates and the current promo code newegg sent out this morning on that powersupply EMCZNZR53 puts you $10 under budget. I don't think he will be disappointed with your choice.
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