Need help deciding between these two computers..

Hey guys, i just sold me old comp for 900 bucks, and i found the EXACT same one online for 700
But i also found a diy combo on that looks really nice, but deciding between the two is kinda getting to me, what would be the better computer?

the diy combo:
My PC:

Thanks for any help!~
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  1. Hello ohdaym;
    The ASUS Essentio Core i7 920 is a refurb model with a GTX 260. It just doesnt say what model of GTX 260. The 216 core model would be best. It still is just on par with a HD 5770.

    The NewEgg combo deal with the HD 6850 video card and is the best option for gaming
  2. yeah, the gtx 260 is 216 cores as its the same computer i just sold, but i am a gamer, and i would like the experience of building a pc, so i'm assuming the best option would be the second
  3. That 2nd option has a few areas that can be tweaked if you want.
    Have you read the forum guide on how to build a system yourself?
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