Crossfire 5870 with 450 watt

hej guys i have a question: i read lotz of articles about powersupplys and everywhere i read that if the pc needs too much power it would crash or something like that ... but thats not the thing .. it all runns but i think that the perfprmence suffers because of the less electrycity ... but i also read that gpus don´t clock down when they have to less electr. ...
but i think i´m getting tooo less fps !!! (tryied all with treibers and other things )

bfbc2 50-70 fps max settings 8xaa 16xaf

bo 89-91 all maxed ... (with one card constant 91 )

.. etc ...

here the specs:

MOB: Asus P7P55D
RAM: 4gb corrsair Mx..(ka)
GPU: XFX 5870 ZNDC / msi r5870
CPU: i7 860 @2,80Ghz
HDD: 1 terabyte samsung festblatte :D
NT: corrsair 450w
CD/DVD: 2 laufwerke 1lg und ein samsung

pls help .. because if the power suplly has nothing to do with the power of my gpus i won´t go 4 a new one !!!

(sry 4 my bad english !!!!) :na:
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  1. I am shocked your psu can handle 2 5870s. I would go with like an 850 watt imo.
  2. you need @ least an 800 watt PSU

    i'd recommend getting a 80+ certified PSU from a brand u trust/recognize
    the psu is almost always the most under appreciated piece of a PC
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