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ok i have a linksys wireless-g router with speed booster and a belkin wireless g router. i use the linksys router as my router now i would would like to know if i could make the belkin router into a Network Adapter. so the belkie router would except the internet from the linksys router
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  1. Can you put one router behind another? Yes... you can. What exactly are you trying to do though? What do you mean by making the Belkin into a network adapter? Do you mean attaching it directly to a computer via usb that doesn't have a network card?
  2. This wont work over WiFi as far as I know, the router only know how to act as an access point not a recever. But it will work directly wired. but may need to setup depending on what you are trying to do. But I have no idea about the USB thing like what Brian_TII is suggesting.
  3. I wasn't suggesting a technically viable solution... :-) was more or less trying to figure out what he <thought> he could do so I could better understand his question.
  4. i hope im right with this but i belive what your trying to do is cascade your 2nd router from your first....doing this will give you two access points on a single internet connection...kinda like repeating and bridging combined
    i hope you have some knowledge with this stuff.. toerhwise if you dont know what to do lemme know and ill elaborate

    to do this connect your 2nd router directly to your pc via ethernet (no internet connection required)
    browse to the router configuration page
    now if your first router is
    then change the ip of your second router(being the belkin) to
    now set your 2nd routers dns to the ip of your first router (being
    then (still on the 2nd router config page) turn off dhcp on your 2nd router

    now on your second router you need to setup your username and password that your isp gave you, the same as your first router
    e.g on my router is says

    Encapsulation: PPPoA
    Password: xxxxxx

    so you neeed to have you 2nd routers TCP/IP configuration (ISP setup) the same as the 1st router

    also if possible turn off NAT on your second router.... 1st router will handle it... and causes confusion with both on

    1st Router HERE ON

    ok now disconnect your 2nd router from your pc
    and plug your 1st router directly to the back of your pc, once again via ethernet

    go to the router configuration page
    now what im saying is based on my configuration of first router being ( your may be or something else
    now go and set your dhcp range from ----->
    to ------>

    so that means that it wont try and assign a dynamic private ip address to you second router

    ok now all you need to do is connect an ethernet from any ethernet port on your 1st router to any ethernet on your 2nd and they should all be up and running

    ok your done. now you have a 2nd router as another access point (can name it anything you want, and can have different passwords if you want) and acting as a switch aswell

    when you connect a device or anything to your 2nd router is asks the first router what to do with it.

    1st is MASTER router and 2nd is SLAVE router

    and thats it!!! all done!!! feel free to ask me any questions... thx bro
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