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Corsair 800W

I was wondering of anybody had any experience with this line of PSU's?

It is cheap now so I was thinking of picking it up?
atm I have a chieftec 620W
I will be running an i5 P67 mobo with at the moment still my 5700 HD ATI.
Thinking of upgrading the GFX card later when I have more funds.
1 GFX card will be used.
I know the 800W will be overkill for what I'm planning to use, but better to have more so I can upgrade later.

Thank you very much,

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    i have the 700w version and i run my gtx 580 on it.Its great psu!
    What are you going to upgrade to?
  2. Thx a lot Ghnader!

    I'm not sure'll be another 4-6 months.
    Estimating to have about 2-300€ to spend on the new GFX card by then.


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  4. However i would rather prefer corsair hx series.
    CMPSU-850HX corsair 850w.Its modular.
  5. hmm it is 30€ more expensive... :-/
  6. ok.Its just modular there is no difference in efficiency.
  7. Thx for the answers bud....need to keep the wife happy as well ;)
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