Overheating problem in Asus GTS 450

I have recently purchased a ASUS NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 Graphic Card. However after installing the same, the computer works fine but the processor temp shot up to about 100 deg C in about 10 mins time........wat could be the reason for the same ?

My Spec are :
Intel i5 processor
DH55HC Motherboard
IBall 400W PSU
1 TB WD Caviar Black 7200 rpm HDD
Win 7 64bit OS

Secondly is the SMPS sufficient for the config I have or do I have to go for a 500W PSU ?

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  1. Make sure the CPU heatsink is properly installed and has an adequate amount of thermal paste.
  2. Thanks. Where do I apply the thermal paste...........My CPU has a fan, do I need to install another one ?

    Additionally is the PSU voltage fine ? Trust that the over heating is not due to the PSU
  3. You apply the Thermal P on the cpu[cover when clicked] if you are not sure check youtube vids..
    Monitor your temps with Hw monitor ..
    What i5 is it ?
    Make sure your case is free from dust/fans..
  4. +1^
    Check youtube videos. And no,you don't need another fan.
    As for PSU,well,first try applying the thermal paste and if it didn't help,then we'll talk about other possible causes.
  5. Thanks.........I did some checking on the connections and the fan on my processor was indeed not working. It has now started working after tightening the connections and the temp now hovers between 35 C - 40 C

    Seems like the issue is resolved as of now :) BTW know any software that can monitor the CPU temp after from the one supplied by Intel utilities ? Tried cputhermometer, but it did not work
  6. Glad to hear it :)
    Speedfan,Coretemp,Everest are all good
  7. I'm also using the ASUS GTS 450 and found the card to run too hot. The fan on the card is also excessively loud.
  8. The OP has a "CPU" overheating problem not GPU.
  9. bstm400 : Could be a specific card issue. Mine neither runs hot (GPU Temp is in the range of 34 - 37 C) and the fan is quite silent.......Infact this card is supposed to run cooler than the other cards..........and it does (touchwood :-))
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