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So i'm giving my current mouse to my bro (saitek cyborg V3) and was gonna spend a little more to get a good one which will last for a while... been looking around online and came across 2-3 choices...

Razer Lachesis:

Razer Deathadder:

NZXT Avatar:

I was hoping for some community opinion on the functionality, build, design, comfort etc. if anyone has any of these mice... I've read several reviews on all of them and really cant decide which is best (they are all available for the same price)...

Overall the jist of things are that the deathadder is accepted as a standard high quality comfortable model - the lachesis is similar to the DA with more butons however is less comfortable and many people report faults with it - the Avatar is the first from NZXT, there isn't much on this from buyers apart from it being light and occasionally not working....

Thanks for listening to my indecision :D
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  1. Been using a Deathadder 3500 for 2yrs and have no complaints.
    Also have a Logitech MX-518(7+yrs) which performs on par imo.
    Only complaint about the MX-518 is it's old school unbraided cord which can be pesky.
  2. I'm with Davcon... I've been using the Deathadder for 2+ years without issues. I'm a big fan of it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a new gaming type mouse.
  3. I have a deathadder as well. It feels great, but if anything the left click is too sensitive. The customizer app generally works well, but I've had to resort to Autohotkey for some windows UI macros.
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