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Help updating bios on asus M3a89gtd pro/usb3

Hi, I'm trying to update the bios on my motherboard so i can put in a FX chip. Im attempting to update the bios using the asus update software that came with the motherboard. I downloaded the newest bios from their website onto my computer but when i try to flash the bios using the tool i get this error. "The model of the BIOS image dosen't match the bios rom currently present.

It says my current bios rom information is:
ROM type AMI
Model M4a89gtd pro/usb3
Version 1606
date 8/24/10

Bios image information
version 3027
date 10/31/2011

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  2. So i download the new bios, put it on a flash drive then do the ez flash thing?
  3. Yep, not the link it offers a good How To and a Video which I recommend you read and look at before flashing you BIOS.

    Good Luck! :)
  4. Ok, I downloaded the newest bios, formatted a flash drive to fat32 and moved the file to it without changing its name. When i go to ez flash 2 i cant find the flash drive. What did i do wrong?
  5. I just got it... thanks alot
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  7. Cool!!! Enjoy and hope the new BIOS helps! :sol:
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