Possible upgrades


my current system is

Asus P6t se
I7 930
600 gig veociraptor
12 gig 1333 ram (not preformance)
1000 w Xion Psu
Evga Gtx 480 SOC

looking for upgrades in the $500 to $700 range
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  1. well what do you want exactly? more FPS in games or a faster system in general?
  2. Hello confused 99;
    What are your upgrade goals?
    What monitor resolution are you using?
  3. faster gaming and mosre FPS

    current monitor is the HP 2207
  4. well the GTX 480 should handle the 1680x1050 nicely, i would just OC the CPU if it is stock because it could limit your FPS in some situations (if stock).

    so if you just have the stock cooler i suggest you grab yourself a CM Hyper 212+ and start OCing ;) if you dont know how to then search for some OCing guides. google is your friend :)
  5. What games are giving you the most trouble?
  6. not really having any trouble, just trying to reduce lag, like on most mmorpgs i play when i go afk i lose animation, it just freezes, and when i come back from afk and clear it out my fps drop way low for a few seconds before coming back up
  7. Are you having Network issues? That could cause that effect. I think that more likely that your excellent hardware letting you down.

    Are you having the same problems when you play the game without online opponents? How about turning the graphics setting down to medium, and low?
    Still having problems?
  8. internet connection is a 20 meg cable connection with 3 computers and a game console on it

    settings being changed high, med or low have no effect on preformance
  9. confused 99 said:
    settings being changed high, med or low have no effect on preformance
    What? That can't be right?
  10. the fps is basically unchanged when settings are changed, they fluctuate 1 to 3 fps is all
  11. That sounds like a network issue more than a lag due to an underpowered graphics card
  12. should i have this computer on its own connection rather than a shared one?
  13. I'd test it that if you can .... I have a suspicion it's not your computer.
  14. hmmm i did tests on 3 different sites, all showed about the same thing, when this computer is solo online i had highest meg connection from 18 to 21 meg,
    with 1 comp besides this one it fell to 13 to 15 meg,
    with 2 comp besides this it fell to 6 to 10 meg
    with the 2 comps and the game console i was at 3 to 4 meg connection
    this is with all running programs non gaming
    when i loaded the hardest games on the computers and one in the console my connection fluctuated greatly from111k to 8.5 meg
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