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HD4650 temperature(and other questions)

hi i'm EJ from philippines and i have a question with regards to my GPU, ATI HD4650 1GB DDR3.

what's the max temp. of this card? coz i've played AC2 and devil may cry 4 and when i checked on my temp. it was @76C within like 30-45mins. uhm is it normal? i just bought this card a while ago and my previous one was a Palit 9500GT 512MB DDR2.

yes, i found that this card was faster but when i played NFS shift, the game was slower than before the time i changed my GPU and the temp went as high as 81C. uhm did i just bought the wrong card? :(

btw, heres my current rig:
CPU: intel dual core E6300 2.8ghz
RAM: Apacer 2GB RAM

is my mobo compatible with my GPU? coz a few months back, the salesman on the shop where i bought this one told me that ATI cards are not compatible with my mobo(intel chipset) but someone from this forum told me that there's no such "compatability" issue.

i also want to ask why i can't adjust the Shader Clock? even on my ATI Overdrive, there's no Shader Clock.

thanks for your answers. geez i'm really new to this one lol.

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i've adjusted my fan speed to 100%, is it fine?
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    1. No, don't set it to 100%, you can shortened the card lifespan, let it set to AUTO.
    2. Shader Clock only "visible" for NVIDIA card, ATI has different name but with the same purpose, don't worry about that.
    3. HD4650 is 2.0 card, it's backward compatible with older board which has 1.0 or 1.1 pcie slot. So as long as your card is 2.0 you'll be fine (don't get 2.1 version).
    4. Graphic card can stand above 100'C, but normally people would not get it to above 90'C when playing (full load) games. So 76'C-81'C is normal at full load.
  2. should i change my GPU fan or just keep the default one?

    thanks for reading my long story:)
  3. Keep it default. If the temps are still high (above 80'C) then you can try manually adjust it to 60%-70%.
  4. alright, ima take note of that. thanks! :)
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  6. You're welcome. Just ask again here on this forums if you have problem later in the future... :)
  7. I have Dell notebook, and when i use just skype, winamp and google chrome, my GPU temp is about 60C (i have ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650), when playing some games its above 70C, and when playing some more demanding games, it usually goes above 90C. I think its not ok, but i am not very good with graphic cards, so what do u think about that?
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