Combo Mobo/CPU/Etc from Newegg good deal?

Hello, I'm putting together a new machine with the intent of upgrading a coworker with a fast office computer. Stumbled upon this combo deal at newegg and it seems like a decent price for what I'm looking for.

Haven't built a computer in a couple years, does anyone see any problems with everything listed working together, specifically the mobo, cpu, and ram? Also, does anyone have experience with this mobo? I'm planning on setting up windows 7 32-bit on it. I've read mixed reviews. Thanks!
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  1. Make sure u add an SSD drive, that would be the ultimate office PC : )
  2. Honestly, several of those components are really cheap, but for $407 you cannot expect too much. IMO I'd look for an Intel based build with the Sandy Bridge (e.g. i5-2400) and an H67 (or Z68) chipset MOBO to use the onboard iGPU.
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