New video card $60-$80

hi. i'm gonna be building a new computer soon and i need to know what card would be the best for the price range of $60-$80.

i'm not spending much money on the build only about $200 not counting the video card. everything is only meant to last till i have spare money lol so don't mock my cheap computer since it's replacing a pentium d XP
newegg just has too many choices
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  1. An HD5670 is the best card for around $75.
  2. +1 5670 is the best you can get in this range.
  3. would that be an upgrade from a 9400 gt? if so, is it a noticeable difference
  4. Yes, the difference would be huge.
  5. The HD5670 is over 4x more powerful than the 9400GT.
  6. great! thanks for all the help. i love how helpful all the people here are
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