Apple Cinema 27" won't run on PC


my new Apple Cinema 27 (resolution 2560 x 1440 pixel) does not work together with my WINXP-PC with graphics card Radeon HD5570.

The Cinema Miniport plug is in a dlock adapter which is connected to the HD5570 displayport exit.

The PC simply won't start unless I connect a lower resolution display at DVI plug. Once the PC is up and running I can unplug the lower resolution display and plug in the Apple Cinema 27 and adjust WINXP to the higher resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixel.

Sometimes there is a message "DisplayPort Link Failure" saying the system cannot set the resolution + refresh rate requested.

What to do?

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  1. Is your XP installation fully up to date and are you using current Catalyst drivers (10.12)? If not, update both Windows and go to (link below) and install the current Catalyst Software Suite (includes the drivers), then try again. Good luck!
  2. There is also an update for your display for use with Macs that you may want to apply (if you also have a Mac). It can be found at:
  3. Have you tried using a different cable?
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