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I use Server Premergy Econel 100 s2 with window server 2003 SP2 32bit. The problem is, recently when i checked the Network Connection, its empty. There is no wired connection configured but it has a connection with other server when i ping. without this connection icon, it is hard for me if i want to change my network configuration. Appreciate if you could give the solution rather than format the server. tq
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  1. Look in the control panel for your network connections. You should have an icon there that will show them to you. I'm betting you're just not seeing the one down by the clock... correct?
  2. No Brian, there is no network connected icon near the clock and i already click at the control panel n went to network connection. there is no "Local Network Connection" icon at all. Is there any where possible setting should i check on? It suppose to be there before when we install OS and everything. that's why we were able to configure the IP previously. We did some security assessment before to meet our customers requirement. But at last, we are not really sure which setting that could possible cause the problem.Is still happened even though we revert all the setting back. Do you have any idea ?
  3. Not real sure... especially since you say the connection actually "works". Are you sure your user has permissions to it / is an admin on the box? Also verify that that the device (NIC) is installed within device manager.
  4. yup...i log in with administrator id. same as i used before. hhmm..i'll check on the NIC later to double confirm but i think it was installed since we dont have the problem since the beginning up to this time. im just out of idea..
  5. Also maybe go through this kba:
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