Just installed SSD having issues getting old settings back

So I recently installed a crucial c300 SSD and loaded windows onto it but none of my old settings have transferred over. Now I know I probably should have planned this out better but regrettably I didn't. So I was wonerding what my options are as far as saving my old data. My plan right now is to partition off a portion of my old HD and save just my bare essential files there(music, pictures, internet favorites). Then reformat the remaining space. I dont mind re-installing my old programs.

My question is this; 1. Will my plan above work? 2. Is there a better way?

If you have any other tips or advice im all ears, thanks
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  1. What exactly did you do when you installed the SSD? When you do a fresh installation of Windows onto any drive, the settings will be at their default and you'll need to configure them again.
  2. willmiller82 said:
    Then reformat the remaining space.
    Why format the remaining space?
    Your HDD is still bootable.

    Do you now have a Windows Boot Manager screen when your system starts up?
    (Windows 7 and Win XP in this example)
  3. Right now I'm pretty sure with a simple change of my boot priority i could just boot right back up from my HDD and it would work the same as it did before. Ive actually figured out a way to back up my old files by using the homegroup app in windows 7 and dropping my needed files onto another computer, so i guess this thread has turned into more of a discusion on any forseable problems in the future i might have or any other issue i might run into.

    For install all i did was unplug my original HDD and then connected my SSD. I then booted up and installed windows 7 on the SSD. After the install i shut everything down and reconnected my HDD then booted everything back up. I Accidently forgot to put my computer in AHCI mode so i changed that after my first boot up (going to check today that all my TRIMM settings are running properly and that I am fully utilizing the SSD).

    The reason I want to reformat my old HDD is i just want a clean off the old image. I dont really need two copies of my OS, programs. It just doesnt seem very organized having all my old files scattered around. I just kind of want to start over with a clean slate, while still retaining mainly just my music, pics and internet favorites. I just built the computer about 7 months ago so there isnt a whole lot of stuff that I've grown too atached short of the things I mentioned above.

    Thanks A lot for the help.
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