Video card shuts off pc

hey guys

i have a prob, here's the deal, i bought a xfx radeon hd 4350 1GB card, installed it and it works fine but out of the blue is just shuts off the pc :??: when i restart it works fine and then it just shuts off again after about 30 mins so and im not even playing any games, just browsing the net when it shuts off!

any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. What is your power supply? Seems like maybe it isn't enough to run the card.
  2. psu is 430W
  3. Power supply does not seem to be a problem.The 4350 will consume very little power.Have you got the latest drivers?
  4. some more info, i've download a tool called gpu-z and it shows this:

    gpu core clock = 110.0 MHz
    gpu memory clock = 396 Mhz
    gpu temp = 78.0C
    fan speed = 49% ------ my card has a heatsink
    gpu load = 1%
    gpu temp #1 = 78.0C
    gpu temp #2 = 72.0C
    VDDC = 0.900V
  5. @ tamz_msc
    yes i have catalyst 10.12 installed
  6. Those are pretty high temperatures for idle. Try adding some cooling fans to your case.
  7. ok i will, can u recommend some that will fit in a slim case [pci pref]
    btw do u think u know whats causing these high temps?
    becuase this is really weird, the video card is the only upgrade to my pc, i have nothing additional
  8. Passive heatsinks cannot cool as much as actual fans.Moreover since you have a slim case, the ventilation isn't good.Could you give the exact model of it for me to recommend cooling fans?
  9. You should definitely consider removing the card, removing the shroud, and cleaning out the heat sink. It's an older card and you'd be surprised how much dust can collect in there. Dust is a great insulator.
  10. sure its a dell optiplex 320, the slim one
  11. @ wolfram23
    its a brand new card, only 2 days old
  12. Its difficult to find a fan since it is a slim case.Make sure that it is properly cleaned.
  13. Can you see what your CPU temp is as well? It would be good to know your general computer temps so that we can compare. If everything is running hot, then your system needs more fans or better air flow.

    Download HWMonitor to get the info.
  14. A quick way to figure out if it's a general lack of case air flow would be to simply remove the side panel and check temps again. But yeah, sounding like you need an exhaust and/or intake fan on there.
  15. @ Palliud
    HWMonitor doesnt support my processor, i have an intel pentium D (2 cores), i've download a set of programs but none supports my cpu, can u guys give me the link to one supports my cpu so i can give u guys the cpu temp
  16. Can you try SpeedFan?
  17. speedfan doesnt support Pentium D processor :(
  18. Core Temp? Real Temp? Everest?

    Regardless, a simple removal of the stock heatsink and cleaning it - or even just take the fan off and blow compressed air to get the dust out - should more or less guarantee the CPU temps are ok.

    Have you tried checking GPU temps with your case open?

    I know during overclocking I've had the system crash due to temps over 120C on the VRM so it's a good possibility for you.

    Is 78C idle temp? Because that is really hot for idle, at stock speeds that's pretty hot for full load even.
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