Powerline very slow on new pc

Hi All,

I have this weird problem that I've decides to share:

A friend of mine recently purchased a new low budget internet pc (Nvidia based Gigabyte M68M-S2P mobo with onboard lan).
When he unplugged his old computer from his powerline network and connected the new pc, he noticed that his internet was very slow. Actually it's not really a network because the pc is connected directly to the modem via 2 Topcom power adapters.

When he he asked me to look at the problem I've tried the following:

- connected the computer with a cable to his modem -> works fine
- reinstalled chipset drivers -> still nothing
- scanned for malware and viruses -> nothing
- booted in safemode with networking -> still the same

- connected the computer to my own powerline network @ home which works fine btw -> very slow
- plugged in a brand new PCI network card with a different chipset (realtek) -> still the same
- as a last resort I've tried to connect the computer with 2 power adapters (I brought from home) to a straight Internet line @work ->works fine

From my point of view the computer works fine but when I connect it to a power adapter things go wrong.

Any ideas?
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  1. Power Adapters .....errrr. It's puzzling if it worked before as these devices work well in some locations and miserably in others (largely due to the wiring of the premises).

    Particularly if the adapters rely on some software being installed on the computer, suggest reinstalling the adapters. Maybe a software and firmware update for them if the operating systems is newer on the new computer.
  2. Hi fihart,

    Thx for the tip but there is no software to install with the adapters.

    Also, the power adapters I use at home are a different type.
    I use them with my Windows 7 machine and it works fine, but when I connect the "problem-computer" the internet speed suddenly drops although it says "connected" with 100Mbps.
  3. I'm having the same problem today and this is the only related thread I could find.

    I've been using the same TP-Link powerline adapter for nearly a year getting good speeds, even a few hours ago it was working fine. No idea why but suddenly I'm now maxing out and 0.6-0.8mbps as opposed to 40!

    I've tired moving around sockets using different cat5e cables and everything still no improvement.
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