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I have a more than 3 year old home built Q6600 built on a Intel D975XBX2 Motherboard that is just a back up system in my office right now. I'm wondering if I can juice it up a bit to hold me over until all this Sandy Bridge thing shakes out and I make a final decision on a new build.

I was thinking if I could load Windows 7 64 bit and get 8GB ram for it I might be able to make it usable for another 6 months or so. I'm running some programs on my main computer that require 64bit and it's a hassle not being able to run them on this machine.

Any suggestions including "It's not worth it" would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Hello jimz;
    I wouldn't buy anything that can't move forward into a new build.
    And that included extra DDR2 for that 975X X2.
    Already at 4GB? Q6600, 4GB and a clean Win7 install will be a good match.

    Planning to get a SSD for your new build? That you could 'road test' for a few weeks if you like.
    Although there are likely to be new SSDs on the market between now and when you start SB shopping again.
  2. Thanks. I do plan for ssd on my next build for sure. Really does stink that old ddr2 ram sticks are more expensive it seems for that board than way faster new memory. I'll see if there is any other input but may just give it a go without the added memory but I use it a lot with Photoshop etc and the more ram the better in many cases. My home system is an I7920 with 12GB so it's hard going back and forth between them!!
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