Help choosing a good psu

Hey guys,
I am new to building a computer and i am thinking of putting my first pc together.
and i wanted a power supply that is good and works with 460 gtx
i read that it need 2 6 pin connectors.. and will that psu work with every other component in the pc?

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  1. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    Can you please list all the components of your rig?, for a GTX 460 a 550W PSU can works, but the requirements can change according to your other components.
  2. It is the graphics card that mostly determines the psu you need.
    For a GTX460, you need a 450w psu with 24a on the 12v rails, and two 6 pin pci-e power connectors.
    Do not go cheap on the psu. My short list of quality psu's would include Antec XFX, PC P&C, Corsair, and Seasonic.
    Any of their 450w units or better will do the job.
    Today, XFX seems to have the best pricing.
    Here is their 450w unit:
    The 650w unit will power any single card out there.
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