Gigabyte GV-N210D2-1GI ?

I can not find any reviews on this card, gigabyte GV-N210D2-1GI. And, I don't understand all the specs. This is being proposed in a new I7 build for a home computer. I don't do any serious gaming but do video editing a good bit. What do you think about the suitability of this card. Its relatively cheap price has me concerned I guess. Any others I might consider, why?

Thanks for helping out the less tech savvy!
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  1. There are a couple of user feedback comments on Newegg regarding this GPU (see below). The bottom line is that this is a fairly low-end (by today's standards) GPU and would be suitable for light gaming and general use.

    What sort of video editing do you perform and using what application(s)? That would be good to know in order to make recommendations of other GPUs. Also, what is your budget?

    Have fun!
  2. Budget is what it takes for decent performance for my applications. Using nero type video programs
  3. Would a Radeon HD 5670 or a Nvidia GeForce GT for a few more bucks be a more suitable choice?
  4. I would suggest you step up to a GTS 450 or so (or higher). While Nero won't take advantage of the additional horsepower, if you changed to some of the more advanced tools (like those from Adobe or others), those apps could off-load some processing requirements from the CPU to the GPU. Think CUDA cores. Stepping up in GPU class also means making sure your power supply (PSU) is up to the task.

    Good luck!
  5. I assumed since you asked about an Nvidia based GPU, that it was your preference. The HD6850 is a fantastic GPU. I have a HD6870 and I really like it, the HD6850 is nearly as capable.

    Where Nvidia excels is with Physx (used in games) and where apps can off-load processing from the CPU to the GPU, such as Adobe's CS5 suite can do. Rendering time can be greatly reduced. ATI/AMD support is in the works, but not there yet.

    I am an ATI/AMD fanboy (by admission), but they do lag in specific areas today. Your general area, when certain tools are considered (and Nero is not one of those tools), is one such area.

    Good luck!
  6. How about noise and heat, are these issues to consider
  7. toddreg said:
    How about noise and heat, are these issues to consider

    Sure, these are considerations. However, all of the cards we have been discussing are fairly quiet. You won't generate any excess noise unless you overclock the cards.

    What make/model of PSU do you have? That will impact (potentially) which GPU you can go with wihout upgrading it as well.
  8. this is a new build
  9. If you can fit in your budget, I HIGHLY recommend these PSUs. Some of the very best I have ever had the pleasure of using.


  10. I prefer a Nvedia card but need to be in the $100-$125 range
  11. Look at the GTS 450. Here is a very highly rated one:
  12. toddreg said:

    I agree. Looks cooler (no pun intended) as well.
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