I'm going to cry -_-

My friend recently bought me a brand new quad core asus 1630 desktop (no monitor) and I have a vga monitor (native 1680 x 1050). I didn't know what VGA was until I started searching but I realized that the new graphics cards ati 5770 had 2 dvi ports (out in ? no idea) so naturally I use my vga to dvi connector (plug it into the graphics card side) and I'm getting no input. At this point I tug it out pretty bad while trying the 2nd dvi port so some of the metal prongs are stuck in the 2nd dvi port but the first is fine. I then plugged the vga back into my vga slot for my integrated graphics. Not sure what to do.

1. Why is my vga to dvi adapter not wokring for my monitor and getting no signal?

The new card isn't even being recognized by windows in device manager even though I installed the new drivers. I believe it is running because after I installed, fan is blowing out the airhole out the back (cold air). The display adapter in device manager is AMD 760G which is disabled. In the bios the settings are weird and there isn't a turn off option for the onboard I believe. Any help would be great. Thank you!

2. How to fix my graphics card showing up in device manager (I just did a clean wipe of windows now so I'm clean).
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  1. Hello exiledgolem;
    Remove the HD 5770 from the computer - carefully!!
    Turn on the onboard graphics in BIOS.

    Try the built-in HD 3000 IGP video chip that comes with the system.
    VGA connector on the motherboard backplate.
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  2. exiledgolem said:
    I then plugged the vga back into my vga slot for my integrated graphics. Not sure what to do.
    OK, are you saying your computer is running normally on the IGP / VGA now?
    Did you have a new or undamaged VGA cable to use?
  3. Yeah it is. Well was until I switched some bios settings and now it won't even power on with the vga but I know if I clear the cmos battery and reset it, it'll turn back on but yes. It was working. I'm gonna clear the cmos now as we're speaking. Thanks for all the help.
  4. I finally solved my problem after posting it in another section of the forums and after reading their answers (which actually didn't help at all) it got me thinking. I probably solved it after 7 hours but went actually ended up happening was with my old vga monitor and old gpu.... when you turn on the monitor then the computer... I almost immediately see my screen pop up with a green light. With the vga-dvi adapter & new gpu, every time I start up it takes 3-4 seconds before the screen lights up. It's amber for 3-4 seconds then goes green and screen coems up with the new computer... so when I was sitting there with it... I thought the adapter / monitor / something wasn't working so I unplugged it within probably 3 seconds. That solved the first problem. Then I reformatted windows and I reseted the bios and disabled the old intagrated graphics and plugging the normal vga to dvi into the gpu now solved all the rest of the problems.

    So all in all I'm good to go!!!
    Thanks... mods you can close!
  5. It's good you fixed it.
    'Cause I have no idea what you just said.
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