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i have 3 screes and i have 2 workin but i gant get the over 1 to work
1 is on dvi and 2 is on vga 3 is on hdmi
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  1. What video card do you have? I assume it's a Radeon since you posted in the ATI sub-forum.

    If so, then one of your monitors must be connected using the DisplayPort connection. If your card does not have a DisplayPort then it does not support Eyefinity.

    Based on what you described, you do not have a card that supports Eyefinity since you have a VGA port. All Radeon HD cards that I've seen which supports Eyefinity does not have a VGA port.

    You either need to replace your current card with a Radeon HD card which specifically states it supports Eyefinity. Or you need to install another video card to connect to that 3rd monitor.
  2. As jaguar said, one of the monitors need to be connected to a DisplayPort.
    And unless the VGA connected monitor is using a DP-VGA converter u wont be able to run Eyefinity.

    Only cards from the 5000 and 6000 series supports Eyefinity.
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