Win 7 64bit 5770 setup

Computer - Win 7 64 bit Pro - HD5770

I have one main monitor and a projector as a second "monitor" for watching movies, etc.

I want to be able to have the projector either mirror the primary monitor OR be able to display a player window like VLC independent of the main monitor.

I seem to be able to only get 2 different options for the projector display - it is either the computer desktop without icons in the "Extend these displays" setting or "Duplicate these displays" which does mirror the main monitor, but the problem is that when I choose "Duplicate these Displays" the resolution of the main monitor changes to a lower resolution.

Are there other ways to control what goes to the second monitor without affecting the primary display?
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  1. You can move icons by dragging them to the other monitor. I'm not sure if you can setup a side-bar, though you probably can.
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