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I have thermal-take litepower 400W PSU, running core2duo E8400 with 6GB DDR2 memory. I have 2 SATA HDD and 2 optical drives. I have a XFX 8600GT right now which I want to upgrade. I just want to go smooth on graphics applications, and get 50+ FPS in any directX 11 supporting games on my 1440x900px T190G display with higher settings. What are my options without changing PSU?
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  1. get 8800gt if you dont care about dx11.
  2. Radeon 5770 and the 6850 only require 1-pin connecter.
    I think if money isn't an issue for you,you could go with the 6850 but that might be overkill for your resoultion but it would better you in the long run.
  3. yeah point,point,hd 5770 is also good choice if psu is fine.
  4. i hate ati now.
  5. howeer gts 450 sli will also be a good choice,go with nvidia dx11 and physx in one package,huge performance gain.
  6. Temps and Power Consumption of 460,5770,6850.

    If he wanted to get the 460 couldn't he just use a molex adapter?

    I would reccomend going with the 5770 it is the safest option and should play your games very well at 1400x900.
  7. The GTS 450 would be an excellent choice. I would not go any higher than that without upgrading your PSU. Its not just a question of total wattage, but how much power is on the 12v leg, the age of the PSU, and the multiple advantages of not pushing a PSU near its limits.

    Hear are some good THG reviews on the GTS 450 in case you have not read them:

    In depth look at GTS 450,2734.html
    Roundup comparing 6 cards,2762.html

    In addition, you might want to check out for a guide to upgrading graphics cards.
  8. Well depending on what other items you have in your pc you may find the 400w psu inferior for the 5770. I have been researching gpu's for my brother and he has a 400w supply. Using his specs and's power supply finder it says he needs atleast a 450w. Not sure of the accuracy of the page but it would be a good start.
  9. Ohhh... well that url takes me out of my capacity even with GT 430! I think I'll have to stick with GTS 450. But; Which brand?
  10. EVGA is my favorite label now that BFG is out of the graphics card business, and they have a great rebate offer right now making the price only $85 AR with free shipping:

    That for me is a clear choice from the newegg offerings.
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