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3ds max 2011 64bit rendering crashes

Hi,guys need help regarding this issue,I've got 12Gigs Of ram,Each 4gb, Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600MHZ,But still i m getting 3ds max rendering crashed although its not exceeding my memory but think is if im onely using 4 gb of memory its not crashing i mean it on on going still its already past 24hours and onwards still no crashes but if im using all 12gb it crashes randomly in every 5mins or 10mins or smtime even when im doing smthing else+ 3d rendering i dont gett it why it not getting crashe in 4gb of memory although im using my photoshop browsing more then 10tab in Inet explorer and watching 1080i videos all in 4gb still not crashing but it crashes if im using 12gb and doing nothing except 3d rendering here is my full detail pc config below:
AMD PhenomIIX4 970 Black Edition 3.5GHZ
Gigabyte 990FX-UD5 AM3+
12GB Corsair XMS3 DDRIII 1600MHZ [CMX4GX3M1A1600C9]
Zotac Nvdia 9500gt 1gb ddr2
Antec 300 PC case
HSF Cooler master Hyper212+
500gb Seagate Harddrive
400watt power supply

Window 7 Ultimate Sp1 64BITS ,3DS Max 2011sp2 64bit,Vray 2.0sp164bits.
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  1. 16GB RAM @ 1600MHZ is too much load for the memory controller to handle. Use 6GB RAM @ 1600MHZ, and 12GB RAM @ 1333MHz.

    You should be able to downclock your ram to 1333Mhz through the bios, while with 12GB RAM, specially if you OC your CPU.
  2. oh k but in bios its already showing memory Performing at 1333mhz
    no i'havent OC my Cpu all performing at stock
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    Perhaps you have to allocate more ram for 3ds max. You should be able to set the amount of ram you want to work through 3ds max settings.
  4. hmm u mean to say if i mention the amount of memory i want to work with in 3dsmax have nay idea where can i find tht setting actually ive done tht earlier i think soo like in f10 setting render setup i mentioned sm 8000 dynamic memory stilll....
    and one more question do u think for my system 400watt psu is ok? i mean is it fine with all powersupply coz nowday they show lot of psu of 1000watt actully while buying pc i didnt emphasize much on psu
  5. 400W is enough for your 9500GT -- which brand is your PSU?

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  6. its local not branded i think so sm local brand 400 watts
  7. Unless your psu is dieing, then it is enough, despite of its brand, but some psu may even demage other pc parts.

    Anyway you have a nice rig, but you may need to upgrade your graphic card n psu for a more smootly work experience.
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