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Hello, Need instructions - How to replace Eee 1005HAB PC Bios Battery.
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  1. you will basically have to dismantle the laptop which isnt a job for your average joe.
    best you take it to a shop in this instance which is something i don't normally recommend, as most of the time its not hard to do. but in this case with the amount of connections that have to be removed and it being a complete disassembly. i feel i should recommend you take it to a pro.
    but if you are comfy doing it and or capable then heres a guide.

    you will see you need more than just a battery. as its in the blue heat shrink cover.
  2. ^+1 i agree disassembly and reassembly of laptops isn't easy for the uninitiated.
    Lots of tricky/delicate connections.
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