Upgrading RAM in laptop

hello... I have ASUS K42JA VX032D laptop.
Specifications are:-
intel core I5
2GB DDR3 1066 MHZ ram
2GB ATI Radeon HD 5730 Graphics card
640 GB hard disk

I can expand RAM up to 8 GB.

My questions are:-
1. I want to upgrade it to 8GB 1333Mhz. Does this laptop supports 1333Mhz?
2. If I upgrade RAM up to 8GB , does it effect my laptops battery consumption?
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  1. 1066 MHz Max, so if u use 1333MHz, it may not work or it will down clock to 1066MHz.
    At 8GB, your battery life will not change, nothing that u will notice.

    DDR3 1066 MHz SDRAM, 2 x SO-DIMM socket for expansion up to 8 G SDRAM
  2. If u would OC the RAM(if it would let u), than the battery will not hold as long, not much, maybe 5-10%...
  3. does upgrading RAM increase windows 7 rating??
  4. Yes in your case. Nut don't upgrade simply of WEI. It is a poor indication of system performance. You need more RAM because 2GB is too little by today's standard.

    I am pretty sure 1333MHz RAM works. I have a similar laptop (N61).
  5. Which company's RAM is best for laptop???
  6. Any major brand will do.
  7. hey.. I upgraded RAM to 8GB DDR 3. The performance increase.
    Windows 7 rating is also increase to 5.5 to 6.8

    Thanks for all of those who advised me.
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