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Hey guys, so i finished building my new gaming rig with a Coolermaster HAF 912 case and i want to add an air filter. I have a 200mm fan infront and i've been searching around the net for a 200m dust filter and the ones i found are expensive for what they are, plastic with metal mesh, or too thick to fit (modright brand).

So, i was thinking of cutting a square 200mm aluminum wire mesh that i could pick up at home depot and just screwing it infront of my fans, would this work and give optimal air flow while catching dust? If you guys have a better suggestion please share!

Also, i'm planning on installing a slim dvd drive and placing a 140mm (bigger or smaller.. havent sized yet) coolermaster fan infront of my haf 912 case (where all the drives are supposed to be, above my main 200mm fan). So maybe i can just cut a big sheet of aluminum mesh and zip tie it to the back of my front case?
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  1. I have the HAF 922 and while the airflow is superb the mesh in the front have huge holes so it lets in lots of dust.Although I already have a front 200mm fan dust filter pre installed I made my own dust filter for the 5.25" bays,I only have 1 DVD Drive so the other 4 bays are open.
    All I did was cut a piece of memory foam to fit the space,pretty simple and doesn't cost anything.It's not the thick memory foam you think it's way thiner and more breathable.It came with a speaker I bought as packaging material.
  2. Actually I think you might already have a dust filter for than front 200mm.It's not like normal dust filters it's made of really thin matieral.My HAF 922 case with it so i'm sure yours might too.Have you taken off the front panel yet?

    EDIT: Yah I just checked it does come with dust filters for the 200mm front and all the drive bays.

    It's just really thin and looks like it's a part of the case...,r:8,s:0
  3. A cheap, and decent filter would be Pantyhose. You also could check out FrozenCPU, they should have the mesh filters too.
  4. I agree with the pantyhose, thats what im using on my fans and it helps alot
  5. I've been trying to say that the HAF 912 already had dust filters...
  6. sorry for late reply.

    Yes the Haf 912 and 922 come with a dust filter but the holes on the bottom for the 200mm fan are huge and don't do much :(. The dust filter for the drive bays are perfect though ^^.

    I guess i could try the pantyhose thing but it would feel kinda weird buying one LOL...

    Can someone though answer my question, will an aluminum mesh work for high flow dust filter? Kinda looks like the stuff used on screen doors except its aluminum and i already have some hanging around in storage.
  7. Try taking off the front panel,look at the 200mm fan slot on the bottom and you will see the dust filter.It's not the holes in the case it's a actual dust filter made of mesh nylon.I pulled my panel off a couple weeks ago and the filter was full of dust.After I cleaned it the fan was pushing a lot more air.
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