Upgrading from 8800 GTS (2 monitor + HDTV)

I've got a question hopefully someone can help with...

Currently, I have an 8800 GTS 320MB connected to two monitors (1920 x 1080 and 1680 x 1050). I'd like to add my HDTV to that (via HDMI to simplify the sound issue), but it could be a duplicate of the main monitor rather than being an actual third monitor. Though if I do that, the colors could be off between the two outputs.

As I see it, the best two options would be to get a low-end card ($40) and use it just for the HDTV out, or else replace the video card with a significantly better one. I'd rather not run the 8800 along with a second high-power video card if I can help it. An HDMI splitter might work; but that's no cheaper than a second video card.

I've got a MSI P6N SLI-FI motherboard - if I recall, a second video card would run at PCIe 1.0 x8.

So of the three cards on my budget (450, 5750, 5770), which would handle 2 monitors + 1 HDMI best? I don't have a DisplayPort input on either of the monitors; one has only DVI and the other has DVI and an HDMI.
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  1. The HD5770 and HD5750 are able to handle 3 outputs simultaneously. However one of them must be displayport
    How many non-DisplayPort monitors can I use with an AMD Eyefinity technology-enabled graphics card?

    You can connect up to two non-DisplayPort monitors at one time to an AMD Eyefinity technology-enabled graphics card using non-DisplayPort connections or passive DisplayPort dongles. To enable and drive 3 or more non-DisplayPort monitors at one time, the additional non-DisplayPort monitors must be connected with an active DisplayPort dongle.
  2. And the Active DisplayPort dongle is stupidly expensive. Looks like I'm going with a second video card then. I was hoping one of them could handle a duplicate signal on both the DVI & HDMI outputs.
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    Unfortunately not. However you can just pick up a second HD5450 or dirt-cheap card and do that. It IS cheaper than an active-DP dongle.
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